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What Causes Arthritis?

The disease that damages the joints called arthritis affects a lot of people, especially the elderly, but some types also affect young people.  The disease can develop from aging, an unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, or injury.  Some people do not know they have arthritis until their condition has worsened, because they have ignored the early signs and symptoms. It is a sad fact that most people think that only the elderly develop this joint disease.  Arthritis doesn’t care about gender and age; it can affect anyone.

There are Different Types of Arthritis

The Causes Of ArthritisMedicine has identified at least a hundred types of arthritis; some conditions may still be unidentified at this time.  Two of the most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  Up until now there is no cure for this joint disease, and science has not clearly defined the core reason why arthritis can develop or what causes the disease to grow in the the joints.

Arthritis can develop due to genetics where parents of the patient carry the disease causing genes. Symptoms then appear as the person ages or even during the younger years. HLA-DR4 is the gene that triggers rheumatoid arthritis.

That is why if one of the family members suffered from this joint disease the probability of a person developing arthritis increases as well. Nevertheless, age is still the major factor for a person to develop the joint disease.  According to studies a person may start feeling the effects pr the manifestation of arthritis upon reaching the age of 50. As the body ages, the production of hormones and all other natural chemicals becomes unstable as it may increase or decrease causing the damage in the joints.

On the other hand, those who may have escaped the said natural changes in the body may still develop joint problems if they have had some physical injury to the joints that remained untreated through the years.

The Causes Of ArthritisInfection can also cause the development of joint damage or arthritis such as bacterial, viral, or even STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  In line with this the body’s very own defense against diseases, which is the immune system, can cause the development of joint condition.  The autoimmune condition damages the joints by destroying the healthy joint cells until every part of it breaks down beyond repair.

Do Not Ignore The Symptoms

The scary part about arthritis is that the signs and symptoms will only manifest if the condition is already worst making it a little bit hard to avoid before it develops while other people usually ignores the symptoms thinking that the uncomfortable sensation or pain in the joint is something irrelevant to arthritis.

The Causes Of ArthritisKeep in mind that these are just few of the reasons for a person to experience joint problems that causes the painful and uncomfortable symptoms that may cause changes to the patient’s way of living.  Joint problems can definitely make daily tasks like moving around hard or even impossible to do because of the joint pain, hardening, and stiffening. It is true that arthritis does not have any cure, the good news is that it can be avoided by keeping a healthy and active lifestyle.  But if the disease is already existing, the best way to minimize the damages it can give and the symptoms is to consult to a doctor or specialist at the onset of the disease.

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