The following is a review for a product called Relief Factor. The manufacturer promises that this formula will fight inflammation that causes joint and muscle pain. Relief Factor is said to provide a powerful combination of potent ingredients to support a healthy response to inflammation and decrease discomfort.


Softgel: Fish Oil Omega-3 (EPA & DHA)

Capsules: Turmeric (standardized to contain 18% curcuminoids; Japanese Fleeceflower (Root), (Standardized to 96% Resveratrol) and Epimedium (Aerial) Icariin.


Although not totally clear from their website, we believe that the manufacturer suggests taking 2 capsules and 1 softgel per day. They do not provide details of when to take the supplement but we would envisage the optimum time being first thing in the morning.

Possible Side Effects

As this product contains soy and fish oil, we suggest that anyone who is allergic to shellfish or soy should not take this product. As a general safety precaution, it is suggested that with all supplements, you should consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product especially if you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medication, have food allergies, or if you have any preexisting medical conditions.


This is slightly tricky as they offer a “Quick Start to Pain Free Living” program that costs $19.95 for a 3 week trial. However, after that consumers will be charged $49.95 each month thereafter. We do not like auto-subscriptions. From our experience, once these companies have your credit card details they are very reluctant to let them go. Be wary.  Either way, $49.95 per month is one of the most expensive supplements we have found.


Relief Factor is sold without a specific money back satisfaction guarantee. They state that consumers who are unhappy with the results of this product can return unopened products that have been purchased directly from Relief Factor. They suggest that many people will be so happy with their product that it is unlikely that you will need to return their products. We like to see a comprehensive guarantee as this demonstrates confidence in the product. These guys were almost there with a confident guarantee, but not quite.

We found many positive user reviews and testimonials featured on their website. This is to be expected as manufacturers would of course only include positive reviews on their website. Such reviews are not entirely indicative of an impartial, true reflection of consumers’ experiences as say those found on external consumer review websites. We would like to have seen some impartial external reviews to ascertain a better understanding of the effectiveness of this product.


We value the thought that this manufacturer has gone to into making the unique capsule/softgel treatment for relieving joint pain. We also like the fact that all their ingredients used to formulate this product are pure and natural, with key ingredients for warming and lubricating joints. On the flip side, we didn’t like the fact that they lure consumers in with their 3-week lifestyle program and then auto charge monthly, once you have provided your credit card details. This is shady trading as far as we are concerned. We did like the fact that you can return unopened bottles, should you be disappointed with this product, however, we have seen many other similar supplements out there that allow you to send opened (and even empty) bottles back – this shows an amazing confidence that such manufacturers have in their product. This would need a few tweaks to get a higher grade.

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